Humanity Drowns On Lampedusa, 10th November 2017The Italian government has always used the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean as a place to experiment with immigration policies. And the Lampedusans have always been treated as guinea pigs by different governments over the years in order to see how much can be tolerated. Read more...
I'm Starting To Be Scared For My Children, 6th May 2017
The Minniti-Orlando decree, now law, came into force in a deeply concerning way the past few days, with raids across Italy, rejection notices from the police stations and deportations from the Hotspots. The style is fascist, even if the law was signed off by two politicians who, in theory, ought to be fighting fascism. This government's actions are nourishing a daily xenophobia and violence against migrants which increases by the day, just as the glaring security measures close in while the government gives the nod. Read more...

Lampedusa: 40 Nigerians made to alight on a Meridiana plane to be deported

Serious Violations of Rights on Lampedusa, 9th February 2017In these times, so arid from the standpoint of humanity, the question which we keep asking of ourselves is at what point can we push ourselves further. The direction is clear: walls, rejections, abandonment. Those paying the price of these inhumane political choices are migrants themselves, ending up as cannon fodder in Libya (a country which never signed the Geneva Convention), dying at sea, or being exploited and abandoned in Italy. Today the situation is worse still, after the migrant hunt has been officially opened, and the raids are already taking place in our cities. Read more...

Lampedusa Counts the Dead, 20th January 2017
The sea doesn't discriminate. It knows no racism, but swallows everything we offer it. And the Lampedusans will cry, and continue to count and gather the dead. A dead who have no common denominator save for being brought down by this system: fishermen who brave the waves to be able to live, to feed their own families, and migrants searching for freedom, and to feed their families in turn. 2017 has begun just as 2016 ended, with death upon death, with the daily murder of young men, women and children. A massacre without end. Read more...

Hard to Accommodate: Lampedusa, 4th November 2016
There are 850 migrants stuck in the Hotspot of Contrada Imbriacola, inside a (partly uninhabitable) structure which could take around 250, at most 300 people. On Lampedusa, away from eyes and hearts, anything can happen, including locking up women and children with acute problems inside a Hotspot for months at a time, without any appropriate divisions by age and gender, in violation of every law on the protection of the vulnerable, illegal detention in an off-limits centre where civil society and NGOs are blocked from entering into contact with those inside. Read more...

Everyone Sit Down Please, 2nd August 2016 
It's not just a line for children, but also the position lived out by migrants while on board the rescue ships, while waiting their identification at the port, while in the police station for their finger prints to be taken. Sat on the ground so that we can watch over them from above. We who decide their fate. Read more...

Migrants, the two faces of Lampedusa’s hotspot. Grasso: «Model». Activists: «Urine on the ceiling», 8th July 2016
by MeridioNews
Today, the president of the senate visited the identification centre of the island. «To be overtaken as an absolute valid example of reception and solidarity», he stated. Contrary to this, the Askavusa collective published pictures of infiltration and urine bottles, filthy mattresses and dilapidated electrical systems. Read more...

Porto Empedocle and Lampedusa: The Final Result is promiscuity, 28th May 2016
The arrivals are multiplying and the system, at the end of May, is already broken, despite the numbers being no greater than at the same time last year. Many continue to die, and many continue to arrive, saved from certain death, as we have seen from the tragic images taken by the Italian navy. Read more...

Lampedusa: The Protests End But The Violations Continue, 23rd of May 2016
Up until yesterday the Hotspot at Lampedusa held around 380 people (including a dozen women). The number of unaccompanied minors was hovering around 90 people, among whom there were five young Nigerian women and girls, who arrived on the island on the same day that a fire rendered an entire building in the Contrada Imbriacola centre uninhabitable. 

Lampedusa: The transfers and deportations resume, and the protests continue, 13th of May 2016In recent days we have been present at the start of a series of protests in cities across Sicily which have spread throughout Italy, which show that this system is broken, even if our politicians pretend neither to see it nor find solutions. read more...

New disembarkings and hundreds of rejections at Pozzallo and Lampedus, 28th January 2016
When we visited the Hotspot at Pozzallo a few days ago, we asked repeatedly for clarification regarding the procedure for separating “economic” migrants from those seeking international protection. The officials at the Prefecture told us how, once the disembarking operation has come to an end, the refugees are transferred by bus to the centre situated a few hundred metres away, and allowed into a building through a side entrance which leads directly from the port; here there is the initial health screening, immediately followed by 'pre-identification', including the filling out of the so-called “notification paper” which inquires into the migrant's reasons for having fled from their country.

Eritreans: placards and slogans on Lampedusa: “We are refugees, not fingerprints”, 17th December 2015
Redattore Sociale – Around 250 people protested this morning, mainly Eritreans who have been on the island for at least two weeks and have been held in the CPSA* of Contrada Imbriacola**. Many are on hunger strike.
ROME – Around 250 people held a political rally in the streets of Lampedusa, holding signs and chanting slogans including: “Freedom, freedom!” The majority of the group are Eritrean citizens who have been on the island for at least two weeks – the final group having arrived on December 4th. They are being held in the CPSA* at Contrada Imbriacola**, a couple of kilometers from the port. According to local sources the protest was caused by the issuing of an order yesterday to take everyone's fingerprints. read more...

Tomorrow will be published the EU report about Italy. It pushes for two new hotspots in Pozzallo and Porto Empedocle, 14th December 2015 - ​​Brussels asks Italy to "accelerate" in "giving the legal framework of the hotspot activities, in particular to permit the use of force in order to collect fingerprints and to retain any migrant longer who offer resistance ". This is an anticipation of the EU Commissions’ report on Italy. read more...

Lampedusa: „I prayed for the whole journey“, says the doctor aboard of the speedboat, 10th of February 2015
La Repubblica, by Raffaella Cosentino - During the crossing, of which the return has lasted more than 17 hours, the rescue workers also feared for their lives and even the most experienced have not felt comfortable. "We no longer had enough blankets; the wind had blown them away. Some crawled into to the engine room to warm up and we had to interrupt the journey." This is the dramatic testimony of Gabriella Lattuca who is part of the Italian rescue team which is under the command of the Maltese Navy. read more...
The Border Returns to Lampedusa, 4th of February 2015 – Martha Bernardini: “Terrorists among migrants on the boats? They choose safer ways to get to Europe.”
Lampedusa remains an important place to understand migratory movements in the Mediterranean Sea. Since November 2014, we have witnessed a political development in Italy and Europe concerning migration by sea: from Mare Nostrum through Mos Maiorum to the operation Triton, which is coordinated by Frontex. A development that, as already anticipated by observers, is negative. Marta Bernardini from the observatory Mediterranean Hope spoke with us about the changing situation on Lampedusa Island that is now again playing a role in the emergency situation of arrivals. What has changed in recent months? read more...

Tomorrow, we will be the castaways, 4th of October 2014

3rd October in Lampedusa: Between the parade of politicians and commemoration. “Closed due to bereavement”, “For peace and respect for our brothers and sisters who died in the sea off Lampedusa” is written on placards hanged on closed shop doors in Lampedusa. It is peace we keep waiting for. read more... 

Migrants are arriving at Lampedusa directly, 16th of June 2014
This night, 315 migrants from Somalia and Eritrea, including 10 children, have come to Lampedusa. Their boat was not guarded neither by Mare Nostrum nor by the coast guards. Witnesses said that there was even a second boat full of people. The arrived people were brought to Favarolo, waiting there for the ferry taking them to Porto Empedocle. read more...

3,300 new arrivals over few hours, 31th of May 2014
Today at 7.30 am, 200 Eritreans (including 10 children) disembarked at Lampedusa. They stayed on the Favarolo pier the entire morning. Gazebos were put up, but the migrants did not move from the pier (meaning that the centre does not even open in case of emergency). The Red Cross asked for children’s clothing , and some citizens of Lampedusa started a charity collection. The Lampedusa Accoglienza bus closed off the entrance to the pier and guaranteed its privacy (the centre’s staff is still entirely under contract), aided by 4 army jeeps from the “Safe Streets” operation. Currently, the ferry is still docked, and will only reach Porto Empedocle later tonight, at about 3.30 am.

The Borderline Sicilia Editorial Department

Surviving Eritreans of shipwreck from 3rd of October are transferred from Lampedusa to Pozzallo, 15th January 2014
Being transferred from the CSPA (First Reception Centre) of Lampedusa on Sunday 12th  of January, thus after more than 100 days on the island, the seven Eritreans (six men and one woman), who are survivors of the shipwreck of 3rd of October, have finally left Lampedusa. Leaving the island by ship in the late morning, they arrived at Porto Empedocle at 20 pm. On Monday, they got accompanied to the court in Palermo, where they had to testify in the ongoing case against the alleged smuggler. At the end of the hearing, they were brought to the CSPA (First Reception Centre) of Pozzallo, without being notified about it, before.
read more... 

Eritrean refugees from the 3rd of October shipwreck got transferred from Lampedusa only after 101 days, 12th January 2014
101 days have passed since the shipwreck of 3rd of October, when 366 people lost their lives. Only today, the last seven Eritreans, six men and one woman, who were forced to stay on the island for juridical reasons (according to the statements of minister Alfano), were transferred from the CSPA (First Reception Centre) on Lampedusa. It took 101 days to transfer them to Palermo, where they will be questioned at court, tomorrow. Thus, only six Syrian refugees remain on the island, forced to stay for juridical reasons, too. Also they have been on Lampedusa since months, as they arrived on 14th of October. According to the vice mayor of Lampedusa, they will be transferred on 15th of January.  read more... 

Lampedusa: Khalid Must be Transferred. The words of his Lawyers, 23rd December 2013 
We publish the second press release drafted by the lawyers of Khalid, the young Syrian whose video made public the treatment of guests inside the immigrant reception centre at Lampedusa, where he, together with 26 other migrants, is still being detained for reasons of justice after approximately two months. Editing staff of Borderline Sicilia. read more... 

Press release from the lawyers of the Syrian video author of the scandal of the Lampedusa CSPA, 21st December 2013 
The non-profit organisation Borderline Sicilia has released a press statement drawn up by the lawyers of Khalid, the young Syrian author of the video making public the treatment of the guests of the Lampedusa immigrant reception centre, where he, with 26 other migrants, is still being held after more than two months. read more...

Letter from Mussie Zerai on the affairs at Lampedusa, 17th December 2013 
The Honourable Angelino Alfano, Interior Minister
The Honourable Dr Francesca Ferrandino, Prefect of Agrigento

I am writing this open letter to you in order to ask for a logical explanation, assuming that there is one, for what we have seen happening at Lampedusa shown on the TV news (TG2 Rai), in which the guests at the reception centre are disinfected like animals in the open air, exposed to the elements, in winter, above all without any respect to their human dignity, methods which have only ever been seen in the documentary films of the concentration camps in which the Jews were subjected to similar treatment by the Nazis.

The testimonies of other refugees robbed by the Italian military, 6th November 2013
In the wake of the tragic shipwrecks of the October 3 and 11, the inauguration of the much publicised humanitarian rescue operation Mare Nostrum has been marred by the report made by around thirty Syrians of theft whilst aboard an Italian military vessel. read more...

The Lampedusa Tragedy: Why Sons Could Not Mourn Their Mothers, 26th October 2013
IDN-InDepth News - In the early morning of October 3 a tourist was enjoying the beautiful quiet beach of the Italian Mediterranean Island when three swimmers appeared. Three African young men frantically asked for help. They had left their mothers behind in a ship on sea that was on fire. read more...

The arrivals continue at Lampedusa. Survivors’ testimonies of the shipwreck of 11 October, "the Libyans shot at us", 14th October 2013
Lampedusa is still receiving new arrivals of migrants, mainly from Syria and the Horn of Africa but also from some West African countries, particularly Ghana. Nights ago migrants arrived at the Favaloro pier, transported by Coast Guard patrol boats. The 14 migrants from Somalia and Eritrea were found in the hold of a boat that was taking on water off the coast of Libya. Some of the Somalis who arrived in Lampedusa recounted that all the other fleeing migrants had been transferred from their boat into an unidentified ship with Libyan personnel and Bengalese, to be taken back to Libya. These 14 had been the exception since they had been physically unable to climb up onto the deck from the hold where they were later found. They were abandoned at sea, until the Italian patrols spotted them. read more...

The Lampedusa disaster: the bodies arrive in Sicily. Family members wait to learn of the final destination, 14th October 2013
It ended late yesterday afternoon, the transfer of the first coffins of over 300 victims of the devastating shipwreck of 3 October, transferred from Lampedusa to Porto Empedocle on an Italian Navy ship. Here we publish a number of photos showing the loading of coffins onto trucks, before a crowd of about 300 people, among which there stood also the families of the deceased migrants, who had wanted to pay tribute to the victims of the worst shipwreck in our times. read more...

Lampedusa In Festival - V Edition, 7th february 2013“The encounter with the Other" - Festival of migration and recovery of oral historyA competition for filmmakers in Lampedusa from July 19th to 23rd 2013.
The theme of the festival is Migrate: the reasons behind a 'choice'
This year the LampedusaInFestival would like to explore the reasons that force millions of humanbeings to leave their own countries and move somewhere else. What are the motivations Westerncountries attribute to this phenomenon? Is it due to life conditions, cultural factors, or unstablepolitical situations? The objective is to reduce the gap between the point of view of migrants, andthe perspectives western countries adopt about the issue. read more...

Askavusa: Lampedusa, 13rd January 2013
Yesterday at around 6pm, a group of migrants was taken by the forces of order to within the Imbriacola Centre. The migrants had been in front of the Church Square, where migrants have been gathering for many months now. Some of the migrants are saying that attitudes within the Centre have changed in the last couple of days. Phone cards are not being given out, it is now forbidden to pray, they have been forbidden to go outside for 24 hours and have not been provided with meal vouchers for the canteen.

Lampedusa: 200 immigrants protes, 12th January 2012
agrigento Oggi: Around 200 immigrants are protesting on Lampedusa in front of the island's Chiesa Madre. They are asking to be transferred from the Centre of Contrada Imbriacola, where many of them have been staying for over a month. The Carabinieri earlier intervened in the protest, but the current situation is one of calmness. The president of the Consortium for the island's fishermen, Totò Martello, has asked regional and national governments to listen to the voices of the citizens and those who run businesses and to intervene with urgency, "Nobody is dealing with the situation on Lampedusa anymore. The Emergency of the boat arrivals has been declared over, but they continue to arrive."

Lampedusa Off Side Immigration, 17th December 2012

Lampedusa, over 400 migrants rescued, 15th december 2012 
La Repubblica - Two separate boats off the island: both rescued by the Coastguard and the Finance Police and brought into the port.
Two boats loaded with migrants just off the Lampedusan coastline were rescued during the night by the Coastguard. The first, with 218 people aboard- including 7 women, was accompanied into the port by the military after they had boarded the vessel which was 40 miles offshore. The second boat, carrying 220 migrants was spotted following a request for help. The boast was adrift 60 miles off Lampedusa. The migrants were transferred aboard Coastguard and Finance Police vessels.

Street brawls on Lampedusa as migrants fight over who can leave, 12th December 2012
The First Reception Centre on Lampedusa
la Repubblica, by ALESSANDRA ZINITI- Following Monday afternoon's tense situation between the Somalis and Eritreans which resulted in a fight breaking out, this morning the migrants had to decide amongst themselves who, after 13 days, would take the few places aboard the boat for mainland Sicily. The mayor Giusi Nicolini said of the situation: "There are still 763 refugees here, 80 of whom are minors. They are staying in a centre designed to accommodate 300 people."  read more...

Lampedusa once again in the midst of an immigration Emergency, 30th November 2012
Sicilia - "Lampedusa once again finds itself in the throes of an Emergency: 900 people are crammed into a structure designed to accommodate 400 at the very maximum. Among them are 123 minors who arrived from Lybia aged between 12 and 17 years old and 17 young children who are accompanied, including 4 newborns."

Lampedusa - unacceptable conditions, 28th November 2012 
Save the Children has spoken out against the absolute inadequacy of the current living conditions which migrants are exposed to in the Lampedusa CSPA (First Reception Centre) following the boat arrivals of the last few days. They have drawn particular attention to the 123 minors who arrived from Lybia unaccompanied. The group includes 67 Somalis and 25 from the Gambia who are all between 12 and 17 years of age. Additionally there are 17 accompanied young children, 4 of whom are newborns.


Migrants: dinghy rescued at approximately 96 miles from Lampedusa, 26th November 2012
From - Ninety- nine migrants, including 15 women, who found themselves adrift whilst heading towards Lampedusa, were last night rescued by the Italian coastguard and a ship from the Marine Military.  read more...

Lampedusa, boat arrivals start up again, 24th November 2012 
Famiglia Cristiana - At dawn today, 235 migrants -including 45 women and 6 children- arrived in the port of Lampedusa an open wooden 18 metre boat. The vessel was intercepted 50 miles south of the island and escorted by two coastguard patrol boats, to the port.

Dinghy with 123 migrants aboard rescued off Lampedusa, 24th November 2012
from Blog Sicilia - A successful collaboration between Italy and Malta enabled the rapid rescue at sea, at about 50 miles south east of Lampedusa, of a dinghy carrying 123 migrants, including 27 women and a two-month old newborn. The alarm was raised this morning, shortly after 9 am, by a Cypriot fishing vessel who informed the Maltese authorities of the presence of a dinghy with migrants aboard heading for Italy. 

Interview with Giusi Nicolini: "I, the mayor of Lampedusa, have buried 21 bodies in 6 months", 18th November 2012 
Here is the interview which was carried out with the Mayor of Lampedusa, after the publication of her letter to the European Union on 15th November.
From Linkiesta. Lidia Baratta
"Just how large exactly does the cemetery on my island have to be?" These are the words of Giusi Nicolini, the mayor of Lampedusa, used in an appeal addressed to the European Union. When speaking to Linkiesta, she said, "We have become acclimatized to immigrant deaths at sea. If the victims were white, aboard a cruise ship, we would have even spoken about it on talk shows."    read more...

Open letter from the Mayor of Lampedusa to the European Union, 15th November 2012
"I am the new Mayor of the islands of Lampedusa and Linosa.
I was elected in May, and from then until the 3rd November, 21 drowned bodies of people who were trying to reach Lampedusa have been delivered to me. This, for me, is something intolerable. Lampedusa now bears an enormous burden of pain. We have had to go through the Prefecture to ask other boroughs for help in order to provide the last 11 corpses with a dignified burial as we have no more sites available. I know there will be others that we will bury, but I have one question which I must address to everyone: just how large exactly does the cemetery on my island need to be? read more...

SOS from boat, migrants rescued in the Sicilian Channel, 8th november 2012
LAMPEDUSA. Journeys towards to Sicilian shores are not slowing down. 75 illegal immigrants have been saved from a boat that was in danger of sinking and taken to Lampedusa. Four of those aboard were women, one of whom was pregnant. They were taken aboard two coastguard patrol boats after having launched a request for assistance from a satellite telephone yesterday afternoon.   read more..

Lampedusa, drifting dinghy with 107 people aboard rescued during the night, 6th november 2012
(Adnkronos) A dinghy with 107 migrants aboard, including 28 woman, 3 minors and 76 men, was rescued last night by the coastguard just off Lampedusa. Another rescue operation was being carried out simultaneously by a merchant ship and a Maltese military patrol boat. 77 migrants were rescued. read more..

Ship sinks between Lybia and Lampedusa: 10 dead, search parties continue, 4th november 2012from Repubblica Palermo
Search parties have been operating throughout the night and continue to do so this morning in the search for any eventual survivors after a dinghy sank 35 miles from Lybia and 140 miles from Lampedusa. 70 migrants have been rescued and 10 bodies have been retrieved from the sea. The search party includes coastguard patrol boats, a navy boat complete with helicopter and an offshore tugboat. 

Lampedusa, dinghy in difficult rescued. Coastguard and Marines save 70 migrants, 26th october 2012. 
From Repubblica Palermo - The rescue operation which began following a frantic phone call to the coastguard concluded yesterday evening. It was the migrants themselves who raised the alarm when the boat they were travelling began to get into difficulty.
read more..

Two boats with 226 refugees aboard rescued in the Sicilian Channel, 24th october 2012
From Repubblica Palermo - Two dinghies with 226 refugees aboard, including 37 women and a child, were rescued yesterday evening in the Sicilian Channel by the coastguard.   
read more..

Lampedusa’s mayor guest on "Che tempo che fa", 23rd october 2012
”We have to deal with many issues on our island that are more serious than the arrival of migrants.”
Giusi Nicolini believes that an emergency has been created around the presence of migrants on Lampedusa, “it is no biblical exodus.” Instead she maintains that, “in order to give birth or undergo chemotherapy or to study we have to go to Sicily.” 
read more..

Lampedusa, boat disappears with 30 migrants aboard, 18th october 2012From Agrigentonotizie- The Coast Guard set up a search and rescue team to go to the aid of a boat off the coast of Lampedusa with migrants aboard.  read more..

Arrival at Lampedusa, Coast Guard rescues 109 Lybians, 12th october 2012Search and rescue parties were sent out after the Palermo Port Authorities received a phone call, made by a mobile. Two patrol boats then went out to the dinghy, which was adrift at around 70 miles off Lampedusa.  read more..

Relatives of the missing Tunisians, 'We can't believe in any of the information which arrives. The only thing we can believe in is fate.' 11th october 2012From Terrelibere
TUNIS - "Ten are said to have arrived according to the Red Cross," or, "They told us the boat was in Malta." There are people who have been left waiting for over a year and a half now. They are being deluded on a monthly basis by all the rumours and news that arrives.   

Migrants protest outside the Lampedusa Cie (Immigrant Detention Centre), 8th october 2012  ANSA - Over 120 migrants went out of the Reception Centre in Lampedusa (Ag). They climbed a nearby hill and carried out a protest, requesting their immediate transfer off the island. The group was made up of the survivors of September 6th's sinking and the 74 migrants who were stopped the day before yesterday just off Lampedusa and then transferred to the Reception Centre.  read more...

Askavusa: tensions continue to run high on Lampedusa, 8th october 2012Since the 7th September, the day of the sinking- of which there is still a huge lack of concrete information, a group of Tunisians have been held in the Centre in Lampedusa. For some days now, they have been displaying their discontent over the length of their stay on the island and their living conditions. Yesterday, they managed to get out of the Centre and went down to the port to protest in public and ask for an immediate transfer. They attempted to block a ship and many jumped into the water. read more..

Lampedusa, 93 migrants rescued from drifting dinghy, 8th october 2012
From 93 people were rescued from a boat which had gone adrift approximately 60 miles south-east of Lampedusa. The 93 migrants were spotted from the Finance Police's helicopter, "Volpe 212", which had taken off from Lampedusa at around 13.10. The alarm had been raised by satellite phone. The sea was very rough, force 6, and there was a north west wind. read more..

Lampedusa, Coastguard rescues 74 immigrants, 4th october 2012
 The migrants were travelling aboard a dinghy when they raised the alarm via satellite phone. Two patrol boats went out to the stricken vessel. They took the migrants aboard and brought them in to safety.  read more..

Arson attacks on Lampedusa and attempts to increase tensions, 21th september 2012
Borderline Sicilia Onlus expresses its solidarity with the association Askavusa and the mayor Giusi Nicolini, both of whom have recently been the objects of intimidation. The intimidating behaviour is aimed at disrupting the important work they carry out which, on so many fronts, is currently enabling Lampedusa to go forward in these delicate times. read more..

Migrants transferred from Lampedusa but Thursday's survivors stay, 9th september 2012 
While search and rescue operations continue in the sea between Lampedusa and Lampione for survivors of last Thursday's sinking, those already on the island of Lampedusa continue to be transferred to other destinations. Yesterday evening, a group of 17 Tunisians who arrived on Lampedusa in the last couple of days, were sent to the hangar in the Port of Pozzallo to await repatriation.  read more..

List of survivors from the sinking on 07-09-2012
From L'angolo di Bousufi 
Tensions in Tunisia where families have called a sit-in protest in front of the Minister of Social Affiars. "We want the truth," shouts a mother at the Tunisian television cameras. "We don't want to wait. Tell us what has happened to our children." Trouble broke out between protesters and police in the area of el Fahs (Zaghouan). The number of missing people from the recent sinking is added to the already huge number of migrants who have gone missing over the last year and a half, now reaching 800. The recent sinking is a warning for the current Tunisian government, exasperated by the country's difficult economic and social situation.
read more..

Bereavement for the dead, collective refoulements for the living, 8th september 2012 
by Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo
The latest tragedy hit waters near the small uninhabited island of Lampione to the west of Lampedusa. Facing the Tunisian ports of Mahdia and Monastir, it is the first strip of Italian soil that can be reached from north Africa. Despite all the confusion surrounding this tragedy, it now seems clear that the control and rescue operations, initially deployed in an area covering up to 60 miles south of Lampedusa, are now being carried out only in close proximity to the Pelagie islands.


Migrant sacrifice at sea .Boat capsizes with 136 aboard, 79 missing, 
7th september 2012 
From Lettera43.The Coast Guard found the survivors at dawn on 7th September. In order to stay afloat and to reach the shore, many had removed their clothes. Half naked, cold and terrified, they had taken shelter on the tiny island of Lampione, little more than 1km². They had reached the very first strip of the "promised land" which they had risked their lives for.

Sinking off Lampedusa- more than 50 missing, 7th september 2012.
Initial reports state that all those aboard the boat which sank on the night of the 6th September were of Tunisian origin. News coming from Lampedusa states that this morning at around 10am, 2 boys and a girl who survived the sinking were still being kept at the medical centre in Lampedusa for further tests. However, it was not necessary for any of the 56 survivors to be admitted to hospital.
One of them, Ahmed, spoke to a volunteer of the French association Migreurop.

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Lampedusa, 33 Somalis rescued, 6th september 2012.From GdS. This afternoon, the Coast Guard rescued 33 Somali migrants approximately 10 miles off Lampedusa. They were aboard a dinghy whose motor had broken. On receiving the alarm, the Coast Guard, in agreement with the Maltese Authorities, sent out one of its planes to see if it could locate the boat.


18 Tunisians arrive in Lampedusa aboard a sailing boat, 6th september 2012 
Yesterday evening, 5th September, the attention of those on Lampedusa was caught by an 8 metre sailing boat drifting in front of the commercial port. There was nobody aboard. Panic momentarily spread among some of the island's inhabitants who owned similar vessels, as there was the possibility that the boat could have been theirs. read more... 

New transfers from the Lampedusa CSPA -the Centre empties, 1th september 2012 
Following Monday's transfer (27th August) of 180 migrants from the  Lampedusa CSPA (First Reception Centre) to the Mineo CARA (Hosting Centre for Migrants) (CT), a further 79 migrants were yesterday (31st August) taken by ferry to Porto Empedocle (AG). Among the group were around 20 sub Saharan minors and 50 Tunisian adults.
 read more..

In the arc of 24 hours, 400 migrants arrived from the North African coast. The press stated that all migrants, including women and children were being housed in the Centre on Lampedusa, which reopened on the 3rd July with a capacity of 350 places.
On the night of the 18th August, the 15 minors on the island were transferred to the reception centre Palma di Montechiaro (AG), while the 37 Tunisians who had recently arrived were sent on to the port of Pozzallo (RG). It is likely that they will be sent back to Tunisia under the repatriation procedures. read more...

From Repubblica Palermo. A dinghy off the Lampedusan coast and a fishing boat off the Pozzallo coast have been rescued by the Coast Guard. There were 100 people aboard the first vessel, 24 of whom were women. Two new boats arriving with a total of 184 migrants rescued by Coast Guard patrol boats. In less than 24 hours the Coast Guard had rescued 184 migrants in difficulty off the Sicilian shore in two separate operations. The first was rescued 12 miles south-east off Pozzallo, whilst the second boat was rescued 60 miles of Lampedusa. In the case of this second vessel, the alarm was raised by one of the migrants aboard by satellite telephone. read more...

Lampedusa: rescue by Mazara del Vallo fishing boat, Wednesday 1st August 2012
From lampedusaonline. 150 migrants crammed onto a 20 metre boat have been rescued. The Coast Guard's patrol boat called on the assistance of the fishing boat Giovanni Vincenzo to help with the rescue. The weather conditions were quite difficult with a north north-west wind blowing at 20 knots and a force 5 sea. 96 immigrants were boarded onto the fishing boat. There were 24 women, 3 of whom were pregnant and an 18 month old girl. The rest were men. Despite having spent several days at sea, all those aboard were said to be in relatively good health.  

Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Lampedusa, Saturday 28th July 2012
(ASCA) - Rome, 28th July- The Italian Coast Guard rescued 75 immigrants from subSaharan Africa in a dinghy off the Lampedusan coast, after having received an alarm signal from satellite telephone. A spokesperson for the Coast Guard reported that there were 24 women, 4 of whom were pregnant, within the group. "Everyone was suffering from exhaustion but no one needed urgent medical attention," the spokesperson added. Two patrol boats reached the dinghy at around 13.15 and the immigrants were made to board the Coast Guard's vessels. They are currently heading towards the port of Lampedusa.

Interview with Damiano Sferlazzo, deputy mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, Saturday 28th July 2012

Finally we manage to have a chat with Damiano Sferlazzo, deputy mayor of Lampedusa- representative of the new administration- and ask him a few questions.  read more...
Arrival in Lampedusa, vessel with 41 North Africans, 28th july 2012From blogsicilia. Forty one North Africans, all adult men, arrived by boat in Lampedusa shortly after 11am in a wooden cabin cruiser. It was rescued by the coast guard who had been notified by the captain of a fishing boat this morning at 7.30. There were 30 Tunisians, a Marrocan and 10 Algerians aboard. The craft was reached by the patrol boat CP312, 14 miles north of Lampedusa and 12 East of Linosa.

Lampedusa: b4p and LampedusaInFestival (part 3), 20th july 2012Yesterday, 19th July, the 4th edition of LampedusaInFestival opened. All was made possible by the tireless and precious work of Askavusa, in collaboration with several other associations. The festival opened with the inauguration of a show of cartoon drawings on migration with works by artists of various different countries. Following straight on from this, Lorenzo Pezzani presented the project Watch the Med, whose main objective is to "control the controllers" by allowing anyone who has information about migrants in the sea to bring it to public attention by posting it online in real time. read more..

Press Release No. 8: The Oloferne at the gates of Fortress Europe! 17 th july 2012
After a short crossing from Tunisia, Oloferne arrived at the port of Lampedusa

This Sunday, July 15, 2012 at midnight, the Oloferne left Tunisia to Lampedusa with a new team on board. The crossing was an opportunity for self-study and discussions on legal and technical aspects of sea rescue and repression of migration in the Sicilian Channel.
As described in many accounts of migrants gathered by Boats 4 People, we were overflown by aircrafts patrols while coming close to the Italian coast. read more...

Sunday 6th May 2012

On 7th May, 17 Tunisians arrived on Lampedusa. They had been intercepted by the Carabinieri 10 miles of the coast.
As reported in the article, they were, "placed in a residence with other migrants including Somalians who arrived in April." This means that the Somalians are still in the residence on the island and that the Contrada Imbriacola Centre still hasn't opened.

Drafting of reform bill for the system of rescue for the population. Last month, the Departmental Head of the National Body of Firemen, the Prefect Paolo Francesco Tronco arranged for 15 firemen on temporary contracts to be sent to Lampedusa to restructure the buildings which are to become part of the CIE. Servicemen from Rome were sent under the Order l'Ordine del Giorno N. 118 27/04/2012 signed by the Provincial Commandant, the Engineer Gaddini. They were transferred to Lampedusa with the National Body's aircraft, at the cost of approximately €30 thousand.


On the 2nd April, 48 migrants were rescued 60 miles off the Lampedusan coast. The boat they were travelling on had departed from Lybia. Ten of them (4 Eritreans and 6 Somalians) died during the crossing. The Public Prosecutions Office in Agrigento has opened an inquiry to try and find out what happened from those who survived.
For almost three weeks, the 24 Somalians (20 men and 4 women, one of whom is pregnant) are still on the island of Lampedusa. They are staying in a tourist residence in Cala Creta, which is being used by the Prefecture of Agrigento as a "temporary reception centre" for the first arrivals of the season. 

The migrants who arrived in Lampedusa the night between the 15th and 16th of March have been transferred to the First Reception Centre (CSPA) in Pozzallo. Around 50 men, all in good health, arrived at the Ibleo Centre yesterday afternoon. Their nationality is as yet unknown. There seems to be no women or minors among them, despite the fact the 5 minors are reported to have arrived in Lampedusa. It is assumed that the migrants have come from Tunisia, even if it is understood that most of them are declaring to be Lybians.

Report from Lampedusa 30.9. - 2.10.2011, 30th September 2011

It's been since yesterday that many tourists have left and we are trying to further understand the needs of Askavusa and the Lampedusans in general. We spoke with the Askavusa association, who have discussed their intention to launch a new festival for New year ( from the 28/12 to the 2/01) as part of the campaign “Io vado a Lampedusa” to attract responsible tourism for the winter, setting their sights on a huge concert, with traditional locally sourced food, collaborating with the solidarity brigades. read more...

The battle of Lampedusa part 2, 28th September 2011
We have recently been following the case of Lampedusa, in apprehension of some hundred Tunisians, who have been illegally restrained, brutally massacred and unfairly repatriated to Tunisia. This has been happening for months, many Italians remain indifferent and the media inept- they are capable of covering the daily news without ever looking at the origin of the case and the consequences they could have. What has been seen happening in Lampedusa isn't normal, at least not for a civil democratic more...

Linosa: The new border?, 24th September 2011The day before yesterday on Lampedusa after the involvement of some of the workers from Lampedusa Accoglienza at the violent protest against the Tunisians, someone burnt the private car belonging to Galipò. There is confirmation that around 170 Tunisians were transferred the other day from Lampedusa (including 2 women and 2 children) and yesterday from Linosa, they were identified in the harbour of Porto Empedocle and then brought by bus to the Port of Palermo and kept on a ship/CIE  (Immigration Detention Centre), without receiving any information or assistance from the Praesidum organisation.  read more...

I thought I'd find a place where I could live in Italy, 15th December 2011

by Giacomo Sfelazzo, Askavusa (Lampedusa)
" [...] I thought I'd find a place where I could live in Italy, a breath of civilisation, a welcome that would enable me to live in peace and to cultivate the dream of a tomorrow without barriers or prejudice. But I have been let down. In this country, black skin is a limit to a civil integration. Racism also exists here: it's made up of arrogance, abuse of power, daily violence against those who ask only for solidarity and respect. Those of us who arrive from the third world are contributing to your country, but this seems to carry no weight. Sooner or later, one of us will be murdered and only then you will realise that we exist." (Jerry Essan Masslo). read more...

Report from Lampedusa 16-19 October 2011, 16th October 2011
There is currently a hostile climate on the island of Lampedusa. Some consider the fact that the port has been declared unsafe as positive as it will help prevent likely clashes and moments of tension. Some Lampedusans believe the Tunisians will not come back because they have learnt their lesson and that the use of the prison ships was the right thing for the Italian government to do. Furthermore, some Lampedusans are spreading the theory that the humanitarian organisations, in addition to being responsible for the disruption and the fighting on the island, are also the sole reason for which boats are arriving on the island.

They were called the Lampedusans. They are still expecting, 10th October 2011
by Marta Bellingreri
In May they were being called "the Lampedusans"- the pregnant women who arrived on Lampedusa and were than transferred to Palermo's Civico hospital. There are no longer in hospital as their babies were all born in May and June, which is the first time we met them. Yet, nonetheless, they are still 'expecting'. I am not referring to new pregnancies even though the pathways they must follow are certainly laborious. What these women are now expecting is a response from the commission to learn whether their request for refugee status or a permit of stay on humanitarian grounds has been accepted or rejected.

Report from Lampedusa 10th-12th October 2011, 10th October 2011
I came to Lampedusa on Saturday. It was a day when many boats arrived- seven in total, between 10h00 and 22h00. All together around 600 people arrived on the island. They joined the 500 already present in the two centres, which makes 1100 people being held, whilst awaiting to be identified and then either transferred to Immigrant Detention Centres (CIEs) or repatriated.  read more...

Report from Lampedusa 3.10.-6.10.2011, 3rd October 2011
In the past few days the inhabitants of Lampedusa are gradually rediscovering the peace and quiet that has been missing and life on the island is resuming its gentle pace. Many people are asking themselves what happened and to what extent they were responsible. They want to know what were the motivations behind the actions of others but more than anything else they asking questions about the future. Many are convinced that the truce will not hold out for long.

Report from Lampedusa- 28 September 2011, 29th September 2011
There haven’t been new boat arrivals as predicted, and the situation looks rather calm from the tourists' point of view. The only thing to remind us of what happened the other day, is the significant presence of security forces. On our first evening we met an employee from ARCI, together with a cultural mediator, who described to us what he had seen during the last two months on Lampedusa. The employee had visited the centre in Contrada Imbriacola and the ex base Loran claiming that the detention conditions were not so bad. read more...

A Letter from Lampedusa, 24th September 2011
by Giacomo Sferlazzo
Today is one of the worst days that I have ever experienced: the hope of Lampedusa becoming a beacon of solidarity, rights and humanity has so utterly faded that it now seems merely a rhetorical fantasy. The humanity which was present on the island was a humanity that let us hope and it all too soon acquired 'myth status'. Then just as had happened on other occasions, this humanity proved to be "not enough", because it was not accompanied by a social or political conscience.  read more...