October 2017
  • The Italian Political Deficit: Oppression and Exploitation in Seasonal Work
  • New and More Isolated Extraordinary Reception Centres
  • The Security Policies that Compromise the Protection of Migrants
  • Institutional Discrimination in the Exercising of Rights and Access to Services
  • News: The EU Confirms the Creation of a Hotspot at Messina; Doctors for Human Rights Presents an Online Map of Migrant Routes
  • Events: OpenEurope Presents a Series of Multi-Disciplinary Courses for Workers in the Reception System in Messina and Syracuse
  • Info and Contacts

August 2017
  • Outside of the system: Foreign minors and young adults deprived of protection in centres in Eastern Sicily
  • Fortress Europe declares war on migrants. Between repression, controls on rescuing, push-backs at sea and armed reception
  • Disorganisation, illegal practices and violations of human rights: the failures of a reception system still based on “emergency”
  • News: Migrants recount tales from the Libyan hell: “Sold as slaves, beaten and forced to leave”
  • Information and contacts

June 2017 
  • A system which ignores human dignity: from the landing procedures to the reception centres 
  • Guilty of solidarity. The campaign of criminalising giving assistance to migrants continues 
  • The 'ad lib' reception system for foreign minors: making a buck from the youngest 
  • Out of sight, out of mind: a visit to the “Mondonuovo” extraordinary reception centre at Testa dell'Acqua (Syracuse) 
  • Deportations from Lampedusa continue, while the situation in the Hotspot worsens 
  • News: Trapani, the Hotspot were 5 migrants arrive every hour (since December 2015). The tin-city for migrants at Messina-Bisconte nears completion 
  • Events: Controversies in European Migration Policy: Conceding protection vs. border security (KideM). The launch of the Threadable crowdfunder, a social enterprise transforming histories of exclusion through ethical clothing 
  • Info and contacts

March 2017

  • The manhunt for the “alleged boat drivers” and the undignified reception at Sicilian ports
  • Minors on the edge: between material deprivation and rights denied
  • The unending massacre a stone's throw from Fortress Europe
  • Deportations, evictions and abandonment: no way out for those in search of hope
  • News: Caltanissetta. After the Eviction, the Shanty Town Returns. Shacks Without Water: The Asylum Seekers Speak Out; Migrants. A Clear Way Ahead For The Minniti-Orlando Decree: The Central Points
  • Info and contacts

February 2017
  • Europe's silent war on migrants, among illegality, mass rejections and abandonment
  • The Lampedusa Hotspot: New arrivals and daily violations
  • In Augusta, undignified detention, abuse and arrests await those who survive the sea
  • News and Events: The Palanebiolo tent-city in Messina finally to be taken down. In Catania, the third event of the international “KideM” project
  • Info and contacts

January 2017

  • Police Operations, Repression and Daily Massacres: Europe Continues to Build Walls Against Migrants
  • The Invisible People of Campobello di Mazara, Caught Between Exploitation, Destitution and Abandonment 
  • Eastern Sicily: The Hostile Reception of Minors, Housed in Tent-Cities, Hotspots and Emergency Centres 
  • News: Pozzallo: Money For Migrants Used By The Local Council For Everything From Fixing the Gym to Paying Overtime 
  • Info and Contacts 

December 2016

  • Still more deaths and missing persons in the Canal of Sicily, yet Fortress Europe intensifies armed border control
  • The suspended future facing foreign minors: overcrowding, lack of safeguard and a waiting without end
  • Asylum seekers imprisoned in border countries: the failure of the Hotspot system
  • Messina: €1,932,000 allocated to establish a mega-tent city at the former 'Gasparro' barracks
  • Info and contacts

November 2016
  • Drawn out landing operations, hurried rejections and packed centres: a journey into the crisis of the Sicilian reception system
  • A future denied to those who survive the sea, between the limbo of the CAS and the hell of the fields
  • Overcrowding, isolation and exclusion. Migrant reception as business, even at the expense of minors
  • Pozzallo: the Hotspot approach and the violation of human rights
  • News: Noëmi Landolt tells WOZ about the Libyan Coast Guard attack on the Sea-Watch 2
  • Info and contacts

October 2016
  • Commemorating the Victims, Shutting Out the Survivors: Fortress Europe's Crocodile Tears
  • Sicily: An Improvised Reception System Producing Inhumane Detention and Illegal Practices
  • Militarised Coasts and Invisible Borders: The Fatal Tools of a Europe Turning Its Back on Migrants
  • News and events
  • Information and contacts

September 2016
  • Drawn-out Landing Operations and Facilities in Free-fall: The Failure of the Italian System Creates Violence and Exploitation
  • Continual Rejections and Illegal Detention, Inhuman Consequences of the “Hotspot” Approach
  • Hotspots and Extraordinary Reception Centres: The Non-Places of the Reception System for Unaccompanied Minors
  • News and Events
  • Information and Contacts

August 2016
  • Militarisation and Disorganisation: Exhausting and Inefficient Landing Operations, At Migrants' Expense
  • Welcoming the Dead, Rejecting the Living
  • The Failed Reception of Unaccompanied Minors, Caught Between Isolation, Indifference and Violence
  • Asylum Seekers and Unaccompanied Minors in the Limbo of the Old and New Emergency Reception Centres
  • Info and Contacts

June/July 2016
  • Dying in Silence: dozens of migrants continue to lose their lives at sea
  • Landings, transfers, reception: the emergency approach only produces violence
  • A minor logic: young people in flight detained, with no dignified reception
  • Parliamentary visits at Pozzallo, Mineo and Lampedusa
  • Messina: New funds for the reception system, and rumours of a future Hotspot
  • Events: Two international meetings in Palermo: “In flight from Libya, who really are the presumed boat drivers?”, a EACEA KideM project; and “Borders, Reception and Rights in Sicily and Europe”, a day of workshops and dialogue organised with the Evimed project.
  • News: a course in Global Management, an education program designed for young graduates from Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco
  • Info and contact

May 2016

  • Lampedusa: migrants protest against inhumane treatment, for dignity and clarity
  • Hundreds of new deaths and disappearances. An unacceptable daily tragedy
  • Unaccompanied minors: extended detention at Pozzallo and delays in funds for the management of Sicilian migrant centres
  • The CARA* at Mineo is confirmed as the new Hotspot. Accounts of the use of force, and deportations from Ventimiglia
  • A dignified welcoming becomes merely a mirage: the case of the Gambian migrants in Palermo, and the minors at Fondachelli
  • News and events: Borderline Sicily, along with Oxfam Italia and the Diaconia Valdese, launches the #OpenEurope project. Seminar in Catania on reception and rejections
  • Info and contacts

April 2016
  • Isolated, abandoned and sleeping rough: Italy fails to welcome those who need protection
  • “We fled to survive”: thousands of migrants continue to arrive on the Sicilian coast
  • The massacres are commemorated, but the deaths at sea continue: Europe raises new barriers
  • News: the accusation against a Borderline Sicily worker is filed. Lamin's experience: a refugee in Italy, but imprisoned in Mali by bureaucracy

March 2016

• Thousands of new arrivals and still deaths: the silence before and after the arrival continues

• Migrant Minors: trapped in the meshes of a system that wants them invisible and without rights

• Announcement renewals and lack of regulation: when the context makes a difference-the case of the province of Enna

• News and events: the campaign LasciateCIEntrare presents its report.. Borderline Sicilia kicks off a new project with Oxfam Italy and the Valdese deaconry

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February 2016

- The implementation of the hotspot device; still many unaccompanied minors among those rejected
- Forced identification and lacking protection: the case of Pala Nebiolo of Messina
- New migrants arriving, more dead and injured. The militarization of arrivals continues
- The drama of long waiting times: challenge for a worthy reception that does not exist  read more ...

January 2016

- Hotspots, rejections and relocations: Fortress Europe controls and discriminates against migrants in flight 
- “We are refugees but we are not free”: the Eritrean migrants' protest continues, while Frontex declares a
 zero tolerance approach on identification 
- A country which rejects people and a system which fails to welcome them 
- News and events: the second edition of “Arte Migrante”  read more ...

December 2015  
-        Europe wants new hotspots: Italy continues to violate the rights of migrants. 
-        Lampedusa, Agrigento and Syracusa: rejections, detentions and expulsions among        migrant protests and institutional indifference.
-        New arrivals: ever greater confusion and less respect human dignity
-        Unaccompanied minors: when the most vulnerable are the first to be turned away. read more ...
November 2015

- Hotspot, rejections and deportations: Further infringements and illegal methods in Italy
- Worrying about the ones arriving and commemorating those who have not survived the escape
- Establishing a life in Italy: the best practices of some centres in the province of Ragusa
- Exploiting migrants are an open secret. The case of the camp in the town of Campobello di Mazara
- News and events: the ‘Roadmap’ is coming and the right to asylum is utopian

December 2014
  • Investigation "Mafia Capital": revealing the big business of reception centres for migrants and asylum seekers. On Mineo, Melilli, Catania and across the island.
  • The landings continue: What awaits those who manage to survive?
  • An inflexible and impenetrable system: The reception of migrants and asylum seekers in Agrigento and Caltanissetta
  • Giving voice to their own rights: migrants' protests in Piana degli Albanesi and Catania
  • New territorial commissions: What will change for migrants?
  • Racism and Xenophobia observatory: Aggression and devastation in Avola and Messina
  • Info and contacts         

October 2014
  • INFOS AND CONTACTS            

May 2014 
  • New tragedies in the Mediterranean
  • Eternal reception “Chaos”
  • More Nigerian Citizen expulsions
  • Racism and xenophobia watchdog: grave episodes at Siracusa
  • Forthcoming events: “IO STO CON LA SPOSA”      

April 2014 

* A permanent “Emergency”: between rhetoric and reality
   - April arrivals at Sicilian ports
   - Reactivating the strategy of fear
   - The emergency system that kills
   - Alfano’s latest invention: the Mineo ‘hub’

* Alexander Langer Prize 2014 to Borderline Sicilia   

February/March 2014


  • 1 February 2014: The Lampedusa Charter is drawn up
  • AT THE LIMEN – Publication of report on the application of European Return Directives on repatriation in Italy, Cyprus and Spain
  • Migrants protest fromTrapani to Caltanissetta, via Mineo
  • Surge in arrivals: Overcrowding in Sicilian reception centres
  • Re-explosion of the “unaccompanied foreign minors” emergency: inadequate reception in emergency facilities

November 2012

  • The emergency of "North African Emergency": the collapse of Lampedusa, relentless arrivals and the refusals made by the reception system 
  • Yet another sinking: the mayor of Lampedusa challenges the European Union to put pressure on the Italian government 
  • Permits of Stay for the "North African Emergency"- the Practices of the Sicilian Police Headquarters
  • Government Politics outside the Emergency: decree for a new phantom flux plus the promise of new CIEs (Immigration Detention Centres) 
  • Programmed events and the latest publications out in bookshops
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October 2012
  • Arrivals and rescues on Lampedusa and in the rest of Sicily
  • The Contrada Imbriacola Centre, a place of Reception or of the illegal holding of migrants?
  • Nearing the end of the North Africa Emergency: what's next for the 20 thousand asylum seekers in Reception?
  • Sicilian Immigration Detention Centres (CIEs) loaded with violence and tension
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September 2012
  • Another tragedy in the Mediterranean: 80 people missing off Lampione 
  • Stop tragedies in the Mediterranean- protests in Europe and Tunisia 
  • Giusi Nicolini receives death threats and Lampedusa's Anti-Racist Groups are subjected to intimidation tactics
  • Tensions continue in the Sicilian Centres

August 2012

  • Migrants begin to arrive again in Lampedusa. A death reawakes the political interest in deaths at sea 
  • NGOs denounce the situation: HRW raises the alarm over the latest massacre of migrants in the Mediterranean; Save the Children denounces the length of time taken to transfer minors off Lampedusa 
  • Escapes, revolts and arrests continue in the Pozzallo CSPA (First Reception Centre) 
  • Report delivered to CERD (Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) on the phenomena of the incitement of racial hatred- data proves alarming 
  • Observatory on the violation of the right to a defence: proof of illegal refoulement in the port of Palermo

July 2012

  • Boats4People in the Mediterranean 
  • Also this year LampedusaInFestival 
  • Update from Lampedusa- interview with the deputy mayor Damiano Sferlazzo
  • New boat arrivals in eastern Sicily
  • Reception for refugees of the North African emergency at risk: the Civil Protection recedes on commitments 
  • Observatory on the violation of the right to a defence: good news

June 2012

  • New arrivals on the Agrigento coast: traffickers in custody yet no sign of vessels
  • Migrants riot on Linosa. The new organisation of the North Africa Emergency
  • Egyptian migrants arrive on the Ragusa coast and at the port of Catania
  • World Refugee Day is celebrated in Italy
  • The Trapani CIE (Immigration Detention Centre) Serraino Vulpitta closes
  • Lampedusa is not an island: A Buon Diritto Onlus publishes a dossier on the facts of immigration in 2011
  • Events programmed for July 2012: Boat4People and LampedusaInFestival

May 2012
  • Possibilities still "open" on the question of migrants on Lampedusa 
  • Boats begin arriving again in Pozzallo (Rg) · 
  • Update on the situation at Cassibile 
  • The situation at the Vulpitta CIE (Immigrant Detention Centre), Trapani 
  • Escape attempts and high tension at the Milo CIE: journalists and police rebel 
  • Decree published extending North African permits on humanitarian grounds 
  • Observatory on the violation of the right to a defence: good news 
  • Tunisian delegation in Italy: update on the missing relatives


April 2012
  • New season of detentions at Lampedusa. Imbriacola Centre soon to be reopened 
  • New arrivals on the Agrigento coast 
  • Deadlines have passed and still no sign of extensions for the humanitarian permits for the North Africans 
  • Sicilian initiatives for the "LasciateCIEntrare" campaign 
  • Update on the difficult situation in the Salina Grande CARA (Hosting Centre for Asylum Seekers), Trapani 

March 2012

  • Refoulement of refugees to Tunisia. A video-inquiry from the Shousha refugee camp 
  • Boat arrivals in Lampedusa start up again as do transfers to Pozzallo. Data on the arrivals and the missing 
  • The search for the missing Tunisian migrants. Mothers attack the Italian Embassy in Tunis 
  • Group of Nigerian Asylum Seekers protest at Palma di Montechiaro. Tensions also mounting in the Province of Ragusa 
  • Witness accounts of the Milo inferno (CIE: Immigration Detention Centre in Trapani) 
  • Observatory on the violation of the right to a defence

February 2012

  • Delegation representing the families of missing Tunisian migrants arrives in Italy
  • The ECHR condemns the Italian governments refusals of entry carried out at sea
  • Somali asylum seekers on trial in Modica (RG)
  • Observatory against racial discrimination opens in Palermo
  • Observatory on the violation of the right to a defence