North Africa Emergency

North Africa Emergency- Permits of Stay: the government decides to not decide, 8th November 2012 
Three confusing notices, no decision: the Minister of the Interior made known the way in which to "define the position" of those whose applications for asylum have been rejected.
See meltingpot for the article and the notices:
26 ottobre 2012
30 ottobre 2012
31 ottobre 2012

"Who is speculating about what will happen to the refugees?" L'Espresso have carried out an inquiry into the managing of the North African Emergency, 20th ocotber 2012by Michele Sasso and Francesca Sironi 
From L' Espresso
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Interview with Damiano Sferlazzo, deputy mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, Saturday 28th July 2012
Finally we manage to have a chat with Damiano Sferlazzo, deputy mayor of Lampedusa- representative of the new administration- and ask him a few questions. read more...

What's happened to the funds for the North African emergency? 23rd July 2012
In Vittoria (Ragusa) the Dike structure, which has been housing unaccompanied minors since July 2011, is in the middle of the same dramatic situation as other centres which have been providing accommodation for refugees who arrived during the North African emergency. The necessary costs for each guest should be covered by the Local Council in Vittoria, who in turn receive Civil Protection funds from the government.
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