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PALAZZO BERNINI - SHUT OUT (Tale of an eviction), 25th july 2012
From 17th to 23rd July 2012, all points of access to the Palazzo Bernini were gradually bricked up. Palazzo Bernini has been housing 150 people, mainly Bulgarians and Romanians, for months. No alternative accommodation has been proposed by the local council. Today all of them are on the street. Many have gone to the shanty town in Corso dei Martiri, whilst others remain under the Palazzo's archways. Just over ten people have returned to Romania. The whole city has remained indifferent to the eviction which took place.

boats4people in Sicily and Tunisia - a fotoreportage

b4p at Palermo - 5th of july - international evening at Santa Chiara,  arrival of the "Oloferne", departure and journey on the ferry to Tunis, conference in Monastir (Tunisia). 
Fotos: Alessandra Sicilia e Leona Goldstein

Alessandra Sicilia:
fotos A. Sicilia 
Leona Goldstein: fotos Goldstein 1