Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Report from Cassibile

Since the beginning of May, a mobile clinic run by the organisation Emergency has been operating in Cassibile. The mobile clinic is a bus which is parked in Piazza dei Caduti del Conto Rossso from Monday to Friday from 16,30 to 21,30 and provides basic medical assistance to those in need. It is a positive, but unfortunately rare, sign of humanity in a general climate of hypocrisy and hostility. The camp run by the organisation CRI, next to the Cassibile slip road on the Catania- Gela motorway, is slowly filling up (120 out of the 150 places have been taken). Yet the shameful entry requirements of having a permit of stay and a work contract still haven't been abolished.

The camp is likely to fill up over the next few days, but if the migrants are unable to find someone who will give them a proper contract, they lose their right to a place to stay and the 'lavish' 7pm dinner (nearly everyone complains about the poor quantity and quality of the food and instead prefer to cook together elsewhere). It should also be highlighted that the CRI receive €15 a day for each place they provide. It's outrageous that people who have come to Italy to earn an honest living, have no choice but to work in the fields and be paid on a daily basis by exploiters who have no scruples, only to become criminalised by those who should be there to protect them and by the hypocritical absconding of the institutions who should enforce contractual norms and trade union protection. Like every year, it is the victims who continue to be persecuted, the victims rather than the perpetrators.

For all of these reasons, we appeal to the anti-racist associations to mobilise their support for the rights of migrants and we appeal to the media to report the inhumane conditions of their lives.

We adhere to the campaign "Sign me up against illegal hiring", promoted by the Brigate di Solidarietà in Nardò last year, where the migrants fought for their own rights against such organisers of this type of work. And we support the promotion of a rally for the protection of migrant rights in Cassibile in the upcoming weeks. We re-launch the appeal to GAS (Gruppi di Acquisti Solidale- Groups for Fair Trade Purchases), GAP and to consumer groups supporting the campaign for the purchasing of potatoes produced without exploitation by companies who also give their employees fair working conditions and invite them to organise social dinners, assemblies and the book presentation of “Sulla pelle viva” (Deriveapprodi edition) in mid- May, written collectively by the protagonists of Nardò.

Catania Anti-Racist Network, Alfonso di Stefano