Samstag, 24. November 2012

Lampedusa, boat arrivals start up again

from Famiglia Cristiana - At dawn today, 235 migrants -including 45 women and 6 children- arrived in the port of Lampedusa an open wooden 18 metre boat. The vessel was intercepted 50 miles south of the island and escorted by two coastguard patrol boats, to the port. 

The boat was sighted last night by a plane belonging to the coastguard which was carrying out anti-immigration surveillance in the Sicily Channel. Two coastguard patrol boats, which were docked at Lampedusa, reached the boat and brought it back into the island's port. The naval ship, The Lavinia, also participated in the operation as well as a patrol boat of the Finance Police. The migrants went through the various identification procedures. All are reported to be in good health.