Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Lampedusa: Khalid Must be Transferred. The words of his Lawyers

We publish the second press release drafted by the lawyers of Khalid, the young Syrian whose video made public the treatment of guests inside the immigrant reception centre at Lampedusa, where he, together with 26 other migrants, is still being detained for reasons of justice after approximately two months.
Editing staff of Borderline Sicilia

Catania, 23/12/13

Following verifications obtained from the judicial authorities and the police, we learn that our client is still located within the immigrant reception centre at Lampedusa after 51 days, as a person with information on the events made available to the Public Prosecutor of Palermo in previous proceedings.

It seems unacceptable that a person agreeing to co-operate with justice authorities is deprived of their personal liberty without any formal measures of communication being undertaken .

Khalid, author of the video of the anti-scabies treatment inside the Lampedusa centre, is still within the facility in which the events , subject of the investigation initiated by the Office of Public Prosecutions Agrigento, took place. We therefore consider it of utmost priority that Khalid is transferred to a secure location away from any possible conditioning which may obstruct the smooth running of the investigation as well as a guarantee of his personal safety and an end to his illegal detainment.

Paola Ottaviano e Germana Graceffo,
Lawyers for the defence of Khalid

Translations: Denise Wesley