Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

Transfers in refugee camps due to the lack of places in reception centers: 36 Nigerians deported

On April 25, 36 Nigerian men arrived in Porto Empedocle on the naval ship Cassiopea and were brought to the reception center Villa Sikania (Sicily).  On May 8, the Prefettura issued deportation notices for the 36 men.

The group of Nigerians were subjected to pre-notification while the migrants were waiting to be placed in a center to formally request international protection.  Instead, the Nigerian citizens were all deported: 7 were transferred to the CIE in Caltanissetta, 10 were transferred to the CIE in Torino and 19 were sent to the CIE in Ponte Galeria in Rome.

Again this time it seems that the deportations were not legally justified because of the individual conditions of the immigrants.  However, this situation shows how the CIEs are used to indiscriminately sort potential asylum seekers, for the sole purpose of making available places for the new arrivals in Attessa.

It is a very serious problem that the people from Nigeria, a country known for ethnic and religious conflict in the North and for the abuse of multi-national oil companies in the Nigerian Delta, are indiscriminately subjected to the deprivation of their personal liberties due to the lack of an Italian incoming system and are prevented from their right to international protection.  

Translated by Amy Mcminnn