Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

Borderline Sicily to the European Parliament “In Memory of Alexander Langer”

Last June 3rd we were invited to the initiative in memory of Alexander Langer organized by the Green Party atthe European Parliament. With us were the friends of The Langer Foundation who awarded Borderline Sicily their prize in 2014. Our intervention was centred on the urgent measures, proposed by the European Commission to contrast the traffic of Human Beings, stressing the necessity of using suitable means.
Human trafficking is, first of all, a humanitarian matter, therefore it must be dealt with means that safeguard and protect human beings.
Neither militarizing the Mediterranean Sea, nor conducting military operations in Libia are possible ways to contrast such a phenomenon that, on the contrary, would spread, rising the risk for life of the many who are compelled to cross Libia in order to reach Europe. 
Alexander Langer asked  for “ always keeping on mending the World”. But a good mending needs the right tools, that are nursing, constructing, certainly not declaring war! Aiming to the real protection of refugees—who risk their lives crossing borders (they can die on all borders, not only on sea) in order to escape from wars, starvation, dictatorships, due to the current national and European politics—requires the immediate opening of humanitarian channels and a conformity in the rules of right of asylum inside the European Community.
The current protection and hospitality system is too often marked by a violation of the basic rights, in primis the one about self-determination. Procedures for protection request last beyond the reasonable terms of law and the most of people seeking Asylum are destined to spend their waiting time in Centres of first Accomodation that – offering nothing else than food and lodging – represent a serious limit to their independence and social inclusion. For instance, in Italy the time required to examine petitions for protection provided by law should expire within 35 days, or a maximum lasting time of six months but nowadays  it can be extended up to 2 years.
This is the reason why it is so urgent that national and European politics over the right of asylum and immigration, intervene in current procedures and take measures towards the application of those fundamental rights and liberties fixed in the ECHR*, at last realizing that democratic investment that was in the words of Alexander Langer when urging all of us to open our doors.
Giovanna Vaccaro
Borderline Sicily Onlus

*ECHR: European Convention on Human Rights

Translated by Fernanda Pecile (UD-Italy)