Montag, 12. Oktober 2015


In August our journey had stopped in Palermo, at the confusion and the incompetence of the local politicians, as well as the one of their national colleagues, in giving adequate answers to the phenomenon. Let’s start again this time from Agrigento, where surely the situation is not bright, on the contrary it is rather pitch dark, where everything appears as concealed by the dominant powers, where news is issued when only something very serious happens that cannot be silenced. Read the full report here.

More than five thousand people arrived last weekend, mainly from Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana and Afghanistan: all of them fleeing situations of war, misery and abandonment, situations which share Libya's future of injustice, violence, theft, torture and death. Borderline Sicilia spoke to doctors present at the latest disembarkings at Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento on the 22th of September. Their accounts leave no doubts about the atrocious situation being experienced by thousands of long-suffering people now arriving in Europe. Read the full report here.

At the beginning of September we visited the Villa Sikania, a reception centre in Siculiana, near Agrigento. This is how migrants living there describt their situation: “Time does not exist here. You spend the day with eating, sleeping, and waiting; after a while it is as if time does not exist.” You can read the whole report here.