Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Demonstration on Lampedusa: No Fingerprints by Force!

About 200 Eritrean stayed over night in front of the little church of Lampedusa, to protest against the Dublin Regulation. They arrived mainly during the last week, with 1000 other refugees on the border of Europe, on Lampedusa, the "Gate of Europe". They don't want to give their fingerprints because they don't want to be captured in Italy, what they would be as soon as they become registered locally in Italy. The situation is calm at the moment but emotionally stressed and at for now the protesters are expressing their requirements. They don't want to be seperated and the families are trying to stay together.
All this is happening alongside the 5th Lampedusa Filmfestival. The organizations on the spot try their best to support the refugees in achieving their demands.

Text: Alexa Magsaam